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Welcome to

The Mexican Dream Jungle

"Even though she standing out, she look like she belongs here"

That´s a lyric from one of my favorite songs, and it fits so well on Tulum.

All the "buildings" are innovative and unique but still look like they just grew up there, straight out the jungle.
The colors and the materials blend into nature effortlessly, but still impress.

The whole place holds a form of humble, down-to-earth luxury.

There´s Tulum Beach and Tulum City. The beach part of town is one loong

... road with hotels, boutiques, cafés, art galleries etc on each side of it.

Bike slowly and stop often. There´s so much to see. And the beach is always right there next to you

For example, one restaurant is a big wooden structure with private tables of bird nests. Overlooking the beach and the large lush jungle beneath you.

After dark, the tones of a saxophone vibrate out over the trädkronor and kind of makes you question if this is real or am I dreaming?

The city is more real, in the sense that people actually live there. Not just digital nomads and honeymooners. I love both tho (the city and the beach part)

There are also plenty of cenotes and other cool stuff to see. A few within biking distance from the city. Jump through a hole in the ground into the water and climb back up the ladder. And again, cause it´s an addictive feeling of taking a leap into the unknown

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