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Lucca & Pisa

Welcome to

Toscana, Italia

The Pisa airport is really cool, because it only takes 10 minutes to get downtown, by foot.
About 30 minutes more by car (or 45-ish by train), and you arrive among medieval and renaissance structures in

... Lucca. Surrounded by a wall. You enter the city through the St Pietro portal

Stayed in an Airbnb from the 17th century (1600-talet) where potentially Galileo and the gang walked around a few hundred years ago

Lucca is like a lot of Italian little towns: nothing special compared to the rest but very special. If you have been to Italy you know what I mean

Good food everywhere. Architectural finesse.

Plazas full of statues, that you read the text on but never remember

I could go back here, but I probably won´t. Not because I didn´t like it. But because I know there are hundreds that are similar, and I wanna see them all

Pisa on the other hand was not as cute as Lucca, but the leaning tower was actually a lot of

... fun to visit. We went just because we were close, but it was totally worth it. A surprisingly cool atmosphere with people just chilling around and trying to take funny pics

La Spezia is also close by. And a bunch of other pretty places. You can literally go to Italy, put a map on the table, close your eyes and point at a random selection. And it´s gonna be a new favorite

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