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It´s not as easy as I thought to find a good place to live in this city. Me and Filippa are still looking for a long-term lease where we can move in together. I guess it´s also hard because we are super picky. We´re on viewings every week, but we want the perfect apartment in the perfect location for a reasonable price (haha). And that probably comes around every now and then, but you gotta be lucky and on your toes to get your hands on it. The turnover here is ridiculous. New places pop up every minute you hit refresh, but the best ones also disappear like poof.

So in the meantime, until we get super lucky, Fil is staying at her old apartment, and I´m kind of moving around and exploring the different neighborhoods.

This month I´m in Gracia, which I absolutely love. My room is light and bright, has the perfect balcony and space for all my clothes to be hung up in color order.

Super greatful to Terese for helping me out!! Tacktacktack.

And happy to stay with Sofie from Belgium, who I´ve known now for not even two weeks, but she already feels like an old friend (if you´re reading this don´t get to cocky. Go back to studying the poner conjugations).

My walk to school goes along Passeig de Gracia (one of my favorite streets in the city), which means I walk past both La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. And hundreds of other beautiful buildings. Not too bad.

Sara and Jaime are in town as well! Had a super cosy wine night on my balcony yesterday with them and Saralie. The Northwood family really is family for life. Trying to convince them to move here too hehe.

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