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The Grass IS Greener at Camp Nou

Hearing the Champions League song in the stadium - life goal check

Just me and Messi and Dybala... and some other people.

It wasn´t my first time at Camp Nou. It was actually the third. Although the other times can´t even compare - this was something completely else.

Before I´ve been sitting all the way up, and I had goosebumps up there too. But this was on a whole other level.

First of all - the atmosphere. The other times the stadium has been pretty quiet to be honest, but now it was on fire.

I felt like a little kid, enjoying every second of the game and every little magical first touch. Iniesta, Messi, Busquets.... and of course almost every player on both teams. But witnessing first-hand how those three players handle the ball.. Crazy.

Busquets is a player I´ve never really liked for many reasons, but seeing him up close you can´t help but being incredibly impressed. He can play one-touch for a whole game without losing the ball. It´s ridiculous to see his game from the ground level.

And I got to see Messi score two and being behind the third as well. Not too bad for a Tuesday. Only one I was missing was Rafinha.

The game of futbol is so amazingly beautiful, and the Barcelona players play it to perfection. When the game was about to end I got that feeling like when you are getting a message and the person says "one more minute" and you´re like noooo, because you don´t want it to end. You just want more, can´t get enough. Exactly like that. Didn´t want the game to end. But it obviously did, and I was smiling the whole way home. Still smiling to be fair. Thanks to Karro for the company! Definitely a night we will never forget.

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