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I want to visit this place everyday!! It´s so pretty. A lot more crowded than last time I went up though, probably (definitely) because it was weekend. But still good.

Anyway, I started school this week. Everything is in Spanish from day one - the teacher (and everyone else) only speaks Spanish all the time. If there´s something we don´t understand she explains it in another way, but still in Spanish. It´s very challenging but I´m loving it, and I´ve learned so much already in 3 days. I can´t wait for the day that I´m completely fluent. The goal is within a year. Let´s see how it goes.

On another note, Hurricane Irma is coming in towards Florida and I´m hoping all of you Floridians stay safe!! Get out of there please.

Oh, and on another another note: I´ve got tickets for the Champions League game on Tuesday. Barca - Juventus :)))

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