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I love my new city already. Been exploring together with Mom since I came here five days ago. The first day we walked for about 9 hours straight. Ha. We just couldn´t stop, and didn´t even think about it. Everything is so beautiful - the buildings, alleys, balconies, views - and we couldn´t get enough.

After those 9 hours we sat down to eat and then we walked some more.

The most amazing place so far is perhaps Los Bunkers. It sits up on one of the highest points of the city and has a 360 degree view over Barcelona. That´s the viewpoint that you can see in most of the pictures above (the ones with the mosaic are from Gaudi´s Park Güell). Both los Bunkers and Park Güell were right next to our airbnb where we stayed before I got to move in to my apartment.

Mom went back to Sweden this morning and I already miss her. We are used to being apart, but after spending the whole summer together it feels weird not having her (and dad and Steff) here with me.

Anyway, next time I see Mom will be in Ho Chi Minh!! Excited about that too.

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