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When I was about to graduate college in 2016, I had the whole next year planned out. I was gonna stay and do my OPT (1-year work visa after college) with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lauderdale, where I was already doing an internship. I was also going to work with the amazing woman and real estate agent Maggie Armbrust. I was super happy about staying in Florida and having it all figured out. I even sacrificed soccer for a year because I wanted to stay in the sunshine state so bad.

Some time during my spring semester I got headhunted on LinkedIn by this random person from a company called Athletes USA. I had never heard about it, and I was a bit suspicious when I was being promised an interview with the founder of the company.

Anyway, the headquarters were just 15 minutes by car from my apartment, so I went.

And wow, how happy I am that I went.

It turned out to be my full-time job instead of the other two. I initially planned on doing all three, but AUSA was where I wanted to be. Where I gladly worked 8am-8pm some days. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to. Lots to do, but everything was fun.

This is literally my dream job that I didn´t even know I dreamed about.

That first interview with Chris Vidal and Herbert Biste was half in English and half German and I had a good feeling about it right away.

This Shoutout Sunday goes to my bosses, Chris and David.

Chris Vidal founded the company about 10 years ago and partnered with David Rueda in the early stages (David was the CEO when I first started working with AUSA).

Chris is the crazy one. Millions of ideas and never-ending energy. Knows how to talk. He could probably convince an Imam to buy a bible.

David is the calm one. Strategic and smart. Positive but realistic. Knows how to talk too but only in Spanish (jaja mentira). He´s the one who makes a smart deal when the Imam wants his money back.

It´s both entertaining and educating to see how these guys work. They are so very different, but business-wise they complete each other and make for a hell of a team. I have learned a lot from both by just being in the same room, same office.

And I want to say thank you for creating Athletes USA and letting me be a part of it. For all the support, trust, and responsibilities I´ve been given. And for making it possible to help all these amazing athletes world-wide.

To Chris for always reminding everyone to 10x it. To David for the interesting insights on everything from soccer analytics to politics. The best employers support you and listen to your ideas. They also tell you to take that trip to the islands - you can work from there. And always celebrate with champagne.

Everyone should have bosses like Chris and David!

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