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ABOUT ME - part 1

Alright, since I created this blog slash website I think I should probably give a proper introduction.

Not that most of you don´t know me already.. I´m sure you do.

But my day has consisted of work and going to the dentist so I guess this is more fun (I hope). Anyway. Here we go:

This is me - smiling, with sand on my feet. Very typical. When I was little (super little, like 1 or 2) I cried when the sun went down in Crete, devastated. The ocean ate it. I obviously don´t remember this myself, but mom has told me about it. Nowadays, sunsets are an absolute favorite. They make me happy in a calm kind of way. But those baby tears from when the ocean took the sun away is somehow symbolic. I love the sun. I love the heat. And that´s been guiding me when choosing where to live lately.

I loved living in Sweden when I did. The weather and the lifestyle didn´t bother me at the time. Not at all.

But once I got to the sunshine state, I loved it even more. And now I feel like there´s no going back. At least not in a while.

Actually, let´s make this into a list. And different parts, because it´ll be too long otherwise.

Where I grew up: Leksand, Sweden and Kassel, Germany. Although it says in my passport that I´m born in Leksand, I´m not. No one is born in Leksand because we don´t have a hospital. That´s how tiny it is where I´m from. However, it is beautiful and safe and a veery idyllic place to grow up in. Great people also. And a great place for sports, all year around. When I was about 4 years old, we moved to Germany. Lived there for 5 years and went both to kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade of school before heading back to Sweden. Very grateful to have grown up in two countries and realized at an early age that there is more than one culture in the world.

High School: Wanted to see something new and play in a higher soccer division than my hometown was offering, so I moved to Linköping. Absolutely loved that place, and I feel like home every time I visit. Why Linköping? Completely random actually. I was on "bilddagboken" (Swedish old version of instagram back in ´07 or `08) and a commercial popped up about this school called John Bauer High School. It had a civic science and health science combined major that sounded like exactly what I wanted to study. So I looked up the different locations, which were over 50 I believe - all over Sweden - and simply picked the one with the best soccer.

Family: Brother Stefan who is my best best friend and favorite human being in this world. Mom Lotta and dad Örjan. The best parents in the world (I am aware that most people say this about their parents. And that´s awesome. Every kid should have the best parents in the world). Mom and dad are still together in this world of rapidly decreasing lenghts of relationships. I think that´s cool. They got married super low-key at the airport in Stockholm when I was six. Pulled a random witness from the crowds to make it legal. I think that´s pretty cool too. And mom had a green dress.

Cat or dog person: Allergic to both. Still have a cat though. I think dogs are super cute too, but isn´t it a bit like a baby that never grows up? I feel like dogs make life more complicated, more tied up. I like being free.

Sports: Huuuge part of my life. Icehockey took us to Germany and soccer took me to Linköping and then Florida. So me/my family have always moved bc of sports. I started out as a figure skater at 5. Quit when I was 12, because it was impossible to combine the 10 pratices a week with other sports (and my feet were constantly bleeding and hurting). Started playing soccer around the same time (5 or 6) and that has always been my true passion. Some innebandy, dance, and tennis there in the middle. I love sports with all my heart. Competing, winning, working out and pushing myself. I love what it does to the body and mind, and how it connects people all across the globe. It´s one of the best things in life.

Enough for today. Continuing tomorrow.

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