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Shoutout Sunday - Lotta Lindmark

​I want to give a shoutout to my mom today.

I believe she is the main reason for how happy I am. She has taught me that amazing skill just by being who she is.

By not taking herself too seriously. By enjoying every little moment. By seeing opportunities, never problems. By always being nice to everyone, including herself. By staying constantly curious about people, cultures, foods, new experiences. By seeing the big picture instead of overthinking stuff. By always, always catching the sun.


She lives in sunshine. And that´s what I always want to do.

Right now she is at a music festival on an island in Budapest. Definitely jumping around and enjoying life just as much (if not more) than the 25-year olds.

This winter she is travelling all by herself to a couple of Asian countries for a month. How cool is that?

If she wasn´t my mom, I´d pick her as my friend.

She´s just that type of person that you enjoy being around. Who makes life easier, happier and hippier. I love her so ridiculously much and I´m so grateful and happy that she is my mom. And that we are perfectly match-made travel partners. That we also have the same size in everything so I can steal her clothes and shoes. And the same taste in pretty much everything in life. We go well together. I´ve always been and will always be so proud of you. LOVE YOU

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