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Headed down to Algarve and the city of Albufeira to stay in Catarinas summer house. She came down to visit our last couple of days, to show us the best chicken, secret pools and how to tailgate like a Portuguese.

Thank you thank you so so much for everything!!! If it was airbnb you would´ve gotten the superhost award.

We also visited Lagoa, Vilamoura and the west coast (drove one hour just to see the sunset).

I´d recommend all of the places. Lagoa has the best/prettiest/coolest beach - Praia da Marinha and the most amazing cave - Benagil cave.

Vilmoura is where all the Lissabon people vacation and has the best marina.

The sunset and the landscape on the southern tip of the west coast were magical.

Everything was ridiculously perfect about this trip and I don´t know how many times me and Louise were just looking at each other and saying "this is so pretty/cool/amazing/wow"

Overly happy and grateful about experiencing Portugal. I´d love to go back!

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