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Midsummer in Leksand is a three-day celebration. Thursdays at Malin´s and Fridays are rotating every year (this is also when 90% of all the pictures are taken, the rest of the days are too blurry... pictures.). Maybe also because those flower crowns are very instagram friendly. Maybe.

Friday is the main day, when GROPEN is happening, where we all dance around the midsummer pole and just enjoy being together with the whole crew. Except someone usally gets lost somehow and this year it was me. Haha.

On Saturdays the group chat is very quiet for the whole day. When we are all thinking we are too old to make it to the third day this year. Until late afternoon when it´s like naah come on guys, it´s only midsummer once a year. And of course we end up going out that day too, just about 2536 percent more spontanious than the Friday we plan 3 months ahead. This is when the most crazy stuff happen.

The Saturdays often end up being the best out of all three days. Or the Thursdays. And Fridays are always Fridays, the actual midsummer. See what I´m saying? Midsummer weekend is just magical and I´m already looking forward to next year.

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