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The Top Collection

I collect Rooftops. On my travel list, and in my mind map of good times.

Being above the city, with an overview of everything feels so... Complete? Mystical? Exciting?
Can´t really nail the feeling down in words, but I love it.

If you have any favorites; send them my way.
Here are a few of mine:


TSH, Florence

The Beach Is Boring.
The Student Hotel in Florence has the most fun pool art.
I disagree with the text but I still love it.

Amazing view over the Medici city, in the heart of Toscana.


Dear Hotel, Madrid

A rooftop with a small little pool, sun bed area, and restaurant + bar.

Overlooking the Spanish capital.

Wouldn´t have found it if it wasn´t for the fact that I stayed there, on my way to see Lova when she played in Logroño.

Feels like a secret, whispering it out loud here.


Cuba Sky Bar, Palma

I love traveling to places that my friends haven´t heard of, but I have to admit: there´s something about Palma.

And a blood moon next to the Catedral, as seen from a rooftop, is magnificent


Unknown, Bangkok

I actually don´t know if it is possible to get to this roof without living there.

It´s the rooftop of an Airbnb apartment.

Stayed here in 2017 for a few days on the way home from Vietnam, and absolutely loved this view.


Astra, Wynwood

This greek restaurant holds one of Miami´s best views.

Although there are a lot of them, so definitely debatable.

The place looks deceivingly low from the outside, but don´t be fooled.

Take the stairs or the elevator up this butterfly covered pink building, and enjoy



Technically more a viewpoint than rooftop, but it´s my list so I decide what qualifies.

Overlooking the whole city of Barcelona, this place is one of the most grand views.

Barcelona is not a bad city either


Arenas, Barcelona

More Barcelona.

Arenas used to be for bullfighting but now it´s a mall.

On the top you can see the city in all directions.
Plus Plaza Espana, Montjuic, and the Museum of Catalan Art (the one that looks like a castle)

And have tapas at La Lola


Hostel Dalmatia, Marusici

Ben from Texas was a pilot during the Balkan war, who fell in love with the Croatian coast line.

To an extent that he sold everything in Texas and moved there, once the war was over.

And opened a hostel, with this incredible rooftop view.

Ben is also one of the nicest people ever, and I will forever be grateful for stumbling across this place together with Jokki on our way from Budapest to Corfu.


The Envy, Medellin

This is the most insane rooftop ever.

You know how you are usually above everything else when at a rooftop?
Looking down on the rest.

That is the case here too.

But because of the huge mountains guarding the city, there is also stuff above you. And around you, at the same height.

It felt so surreal and looked soo cool during Medellin night mode, with all the lights. Never seen anything like it.

They also had great sushi. And a bachata competition going on.

We were impressed

The World is Beautiful

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