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We have the luxury of living in a...

... body that needs food everyday.

And if you are free (not in prison etc), you even get to choose what you eat.
Which, to be fair, can be both a blessing and a curse.
A lot of people live in a mind-prison too.

But if you are reading this without worrying about the next meal - you are one of the lucky 70% of the world.

Conflicts, climate change, and food waste limit access and availability.

So when you choose, choose wisely.
Pick something you really like.

To enjoy it to the max.
And so you don´t add to the food waste.
That would be such a waste. Especially at these restaurants:


SuViche, Wynwood

I could hop on a plane just to eat this food.
Drooling as I´m writing this.

A mix of Peru and Japan in a perfect fusion.

The Ceviche chaufa is so complete that I can´t even...

And yeah, it might be triggering to bring up climate change and then suggest a trip to Miami?

But what if traveling with curiousity inspires us to be better people? Solve the big issues? Get along better? Collaborate across borders?

So that we can fix unlimited storable renewable fuel, for example.

I´m not saying it´s me, but just throwing it out there


Il Paradiso, Palma

This Palma restaurant gets a high score for it´s super romantic and gorgeous set up.
The window details, the ceiling, the view from the terrace...

I think the food was pretty good too but I could go again just for the wholesome views


The Lazy Cat, Minca

I keep going on about Colombia but I can´t help it. I think it´s my favorite country in the whole world.

Here´s another one from the South American gem.
High up in the mountains in the beautiful little town of Minca, there´s a restaurant that one of our hosts recommended.

The name is a bit weird, but we decided to try it.

And to come back again.
Especially for this lomo saltado


Karma, Santorini

The food guru Minja Lendahl guided us to this place. Then you know it´s gonna be good.
And it was.

Pair it up with watching the sunset in Oia.
A little bit too crowded but still very worthy of the hype


Bandera, Tulum

This doesn´t look like anything spectacular maybe, but it´s the best omelette I´ve ever had.
With truffle and served in a hot pan.

In Tulum City by the 307 road


Procida Harbour, outside of Napoli

I was there with mom, who usually calls me Lella.
When we hopped off the boat from Napoli and got to the cutest little island called Procida, we were instantly amazed.
And the first thing we saw was a place where it said "Mamma Lella" on the window, like we found our island.

That just adds to how good this seafood pasta was, at a restaurant on the left side of the harbor.


A simple beach restaurant, Rincon del Mar, Colombia

In the little fisherman´s town Rincon del Mar the chef´s are using their own kitchen, where they live.
Right on the beach, with some plastic chairs in the sand, for whoever wants to have a meal.

There´s no menu.
You choose one of the seafoods or meats that happen to be available.
Always with coconut rice and patacones.

And it´s always delicious.


New Tai Pan, Marbella

Det här va inte alls dumt heller


Somewhere in Naples, Florida

Don´t remember the name of this restaurant and can´t find it on the photo´s location, but it was sooo good.

Especially the key lime pie.
If anyone finds it, let me know
I wanna go again

The World is Beautiful

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