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Memorable stays

Playing your favorite song on Spotify
or hearing it randomly somewhere you didn´t expect?

When I think of the perfect hotel, I think of something like the first ones on the list.

But the ones I end up loving the most always have an element of surprise.
When you find something you didn´t even know you were looking for.

And genuine human connection, where a transaction is not involved.

Like when the couchsurfing host shows you his favorite place, that you couldn´t even find on google.
Getting a ride to a waterfall. Chilling by the pool when the Italian grandma randomly shows up with bruschetta and wine and says something in Italian.
When you don´t speak the same language but a smile crosses all borders.

Those are my most memorable stays, when you get surprised and reminded of how nice people are.

Leave some space for them, so they can find you.

That goes for life too


Hilton Bimini

This place is as good as it gets if you´re looking to relax.
Infinity pools in two directions, one on the roof.
Another one surrounding the whole place, with direct access from the suites.

And a vanilla sugar colored beach as nextdoor neighbor.


Arlo, Wynwood

A pretty new boutique hotel in the middle of Wynwood.
It has multiple rooftops, yoga sessions and views for days.

Can´t go wrong with that


The Grove Hotel, Watford

We surprised Sara S here for her 30th birthday, and arrived during an early Watford spring.

If you picture an English country-side dream, this is it.
The Grove


B&B Domus de Diana, Sardinia

After leaving Murta Maria and heading to central Olbia, our hotel canceled on us about 10 minutes before check-in. Doublebooked apparently.
Luckily I was with my mom, who is exactly the same as me.
A normal person might have madly walked up there and made sure they got a room anyway (we were just outside).

But we thought "ohh detour adventure" and had a gelato and cappuccino on the nearest plaza and grabbed our phones.
Who can find the best place quickest?

I think it was mom who won when she found this terrace overlooking a new favorite village, Pittulongu.

As usual, the beach was somehow calling and we had to go


Bill on Couchsurfing, Naples

I don´t have any pictures from his house, but when me and mom arrived he said "wait", and disappeared out in the garden.

A minute later he came back,
with a fresh aloe vera. "For the sun burn".
Poured up three glasses of wine, and walked us through his art collection.
Each with a story behind it, from around the world.

When he left for dinner, he left his beautiful home to two random Swedes he had only met 2 hours ago.

How do we do with the keys?
"Oh, I usually just leave it open"


The Student Hotel, Florence

I love a good neon quote on the wall. The Student Hotel has lots.

It also has a rooftop pool with a view over Florence.
And a vibe of creativity and innovation. Everything from the architecture to the design is super smart and thought-through.

A really cool place.
You walk in and get showered with inspiration.

And speaking of those.

The shower in our room had a little screen with a polar bear standing on a piece of ice.
The ice melted for every second that she shower was on, leaving less space for the cute animal to live on.

I´ve never showered so quickly.

You don´t want to waste time showering in Florence anyway - out and explore


Guest House Goa Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

A supercute couple owns this Bosnian bed & breakfast, overlooking the Neretva river.
And the old bridge - a view that is incredible to wake up to.

The whole place is amazing, but I could go back just for the breakfast.
Served in the garden, with all ingredients from no longer than a mile away.
Från den gulligaste lilla servisen man sett (som jag inte vet vad det heter på engelska).

Our next destination was the Kravica waterfall, and when there werent any buses available, the owner drove us all the 43 kilometers there himself


Hostal Dalmatia, Marusici

We were just gonna stay one night on the way down to Montenegro, but it quickly became two.

Kim who worked there inspired us to book a canyoning trip in Omis - one of the best things ever.
Swam with flourescent plankton, watched the sunrise and sunset.
Slept on the roof under the stars.
Made new friends, ate good food.

And sat on this outerwordly terrace in the Croatian mountains


Villa Manni, Procida

We were traveling around in Italy and wanted to chill for a few days. Randomly found this on Airbnb and booked it the day before.

400 sek/night, looked decent. Out on a little island that I had never heard of.

Took the boat from Napoli and arrived at a cozy little harbor. Had a seafood pasta that we still talk about every three weeks or so.
And then, a mini van that barely fitted on the extremely narrow streets brought us to the left side of the island.

And we looked at each other like "WHAT".
What is this place? How have we stumbled across this?
And why is no one here?

We basically had the whole island to ourselves.
Us and the owners of Villa Manni.
They invited us to eat with them, brought us locally produced wine and bruschetta by the pool. Told stories about the region and pointed out Capri and Vesuvio out there in the distance.

South Italian hospitality at its finest. With a view

The World is Beautiful

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