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City cities

Cities with a vibe

There is something magical about these cities.

And the more you learn and explore, the better they get


Miami, Florida

Miami in my heart.

The heat and the palm trees are like friends. Reliable, give energy and make everything more beautiful.
The chaotic and fun South Beach, the artsy inspirational Wynwood and everything in between.

The best food from the whole world.
Perfect weather all year.

There’s a vibe here that you can´t get enough of. At least not me.


Cartagena, Colombia

I had never heard about Cartagena when I lived in Europe.
Colombia is supposed to be scary?

This coastal town holds a ton of history, amazing food and friendly people. And insta material for dayyys.
A bit like a mix of Miami and Havana.

There´s this new area called Boca Grande, with big hotels and a fancy skyline. But my best tip is to stay in the old town or Getsemani, that´s where the Cartagena colors are


Medellin, Colombia

Flying into this city is a highlight of its own.
The Andes surround the city like a guardian wall, and once you spot the city lights from above you’ll be amazed.
Like you found Atlantis.
Or the gold in a Tintin episode.

The airport is up on high altitude and 5 degrees cooler than down in the city.
It’s called “The Eternal Spring” because of it’s favorable temperature. All year you have warm days and chilly tempered nights, eliminating the need for both heaters and air conditioning.

I’ve only been once but I can’t wait to go back


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is small and big at the same time. Diverse yet very homogenous.

You walk down the street and hear 5 different languages, but everyone is wearing the same shoes.
Slightly different depending on the neighborhood.

And there’s actually something nice about that.
It might have been one of the reasons I left, but also a reason for coming back. I guess I´m a Swede at heart, no matter how much I love the Florida chillness.

Stockholm can seem a bit cold at first look, but Swedes are very nice once you get to know us. And our capital is gorgeous; especially in summer, spring, and fall.



You can stare at the Sagrada Familia for a whole day, and still not notice every detail.

Stroll down Passeig de Gracia and explore more of Antonio Gaudi’s incredible creations.
Play volleyball on the beach, sip sangria on the rooftops. Take salsa lessons for 5 euros with a mojito included.
Have the best tapas of your life, every night.

You wanna hold on to your belongings tho, because everything gets stolen here.
Including your heart.
But don´t hold on to that one because you can give it to as many as you like.
In city love there´s no monogamy.


New York

Empire State of Mind

These streets will make you feel brand-new,
big lights will inspire you.

Alicia said it, and I agree. It´s got the Keys to whatever dream you may have.

It is also the best example of how story-telling works.

How what we see on TV, hear on the radio, and binge on Netflix shape our view of the world.

Would New York be as hyped up if it wasn´t for the many stories from here?
That gives us all a seemingly person connection to the real and fictional characters of the Big Apple?


Lissabon, Portugal

All the way south-west in Europe we have Portugal.
The Algarve coast might be the country´s top destination, but don´t sleep on Lissabon.

The charming capital has a lot to offer.
San Francisco-like landscape with countless hills throughout the city. A nightmare for driving, but a dream for walking and exploring.

Watch a Benfica game at Estadio da Luz.
Take a day tour to Sintra, with ancient castles and exciting history.

Or just eat. That always works


Roma, Italy

Roma is hard to grasp at first, because it’s huge.

It probably has more historic sites than all other cities combined. At least that´s what it feels like.
You walk around and all of a sudden there´s a huge crowd. That´s when you know you are approximating a monument or famous building, and you have to stop and google everytime. What´s this one again?
There are so many.

You can feel the presence of the Ancient Romans that intensifies when Colosseum and Forum Romanum turn up in front of you. There´s a saying in Swedish that you can känna historiens vingslag and that´s the best way I can describe it.

Trastevere is my favorite neighborhood so far, across the river from the city center.


Havana, Cuba

Havana oh nana.

It’s like in the movies.
Old cars, salsa dancers and a new adventure behind every next corner.

The World is Beautiful

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