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Best Beaches

9 top beaches

If I was a phone, the beach would be my charger.

And you know what?
It actually is, for us humans.

Walking barefoot on the beach charges you with free electrons.
Works on grass too, but who doesn´t love a white beach?


Sao Beach, Vietnam

Lush backdrop, perfect palms and a swing.

Phu Quoc´s whitest beach is stunning.
But if you turn your head from the horizon, there´s unfortunately a lot of trash. Reminding you of how bad we are at taking care of our beautiful planet.

Therefore this beach only gets 9th place, with potential of more


Ksamil, Albania

As close as you can get to the Caribbean without leaving the continent (Europe).

Packed during high season, but for good reason.

The sand is white and the water is sea-through.
I know it´s not spelled like that but I couldn´t resist.

Check out the Blue Eye too if you ever visit.


Jamaica Beach, Sirmione

Italy has to be on the list.

The cute little village Sirmione lies at the southern edge of the Garda Lake, and here is magic.

The water is CLEAR and the view is unbelievable, with the alps in the background.

For whoever doesn´t like to get sandy: stop at Spiaggia Lido delle Bionde and hang out on the pier


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun on Mexico´s east coast is 10/10 on the white& turquoise scale.

Incredibly pretty.

However, a minus for the big, touristy hotels that have claimed the coastline as their own


Oahu, Hawaii

Technically not a beach but couldn´t pick only one here.

Oahu got beaches for days, and the views on this tropical island are so insanely complete for both the eye and the soul.

Forever thankful that my former college roommate transferred here, so she could show us the best spots (shout out to Filippa Lindman)

Watching the sun set from a surfboard on Waikiki Beach is one of the best things I´ve ever done.

Oahu in general is strongly recommended. Paradise vibes


Tigertail Beach, Marco Island

Here we got white sand, green water, skyline AND

you get challenged on the way out.

To get to Tigertail Beach you have to wade through a pond and keep your belongings above the surface (and make sure the tide is not too high on the way back).

If you´re lucky: you can even spot a dolphin or two


Tulum, Mexico

Ah, this is the dream. The colors, the tranquility, the vibe.

The food.

There´s something about this place that just needs to be experienced rather than explained. Believe me


South Beach, Miami

Although second on this list, this is my true winner.

The beach that make me the bubbliest gworl in the world, every time.

It has EVERYTHING. Wide and loong. Warm and sunny, all year round. Calm if you want, but always something going on too. Festivals, weddings, music, sports tournaments, take your pick (jackson, tyson, jordan, game six)

Ena sekunden går du förbi en hemlös person och nästa DJ Khaled. Alla passar in för ingen sticker ut. Eller rättare sagt alla gör det. På sitt sätt. Men ingen bryr sig! Alla bara är.

Världens godaste mat från världens alla hörn, runt hörnet. Beach walk för morgonjoggen, volleybollplaner, lyxigaste lyxen och trashigaste trashet. Allt finns på Miami Beach!


North Bimini, The Bahamas

The undesputable winner is two hours away from the previous one. By boat!

Honestly this was ridiculous. Went here when dad turned 50. It is the whitest, smoothest, most breath-taking beach I have ever seen.

You can´t even see in pics how white it actually is.

Like walking on a smooth, cool surface of crystal white powder.

That´s how it feels under your feet here on Bimini.

As if someone carefully poured out tons of vanilla sugar. With love

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