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Me, two of my besties, one of their friends, my mom and two of her friends, and my uncle (super crew) went to probably one of the best festivals in the world. 

On an island located between the Buda and the Pest sides of Budapest. 

Above the city of Budapest. Beautiful place. And hot as fuck in August!

Glitter and pearls and happy girls

That I can remember, I believe I have been to four different music festivals in my life. Peace&Love, Sun Fest, Ultra and Sziget. 3 out of those 4 at some point with my mom. I think that´s pretty cool. 

This year´s festival line-up:

Zara Larsson, The Kooks, Milky Chance, Kygo, Lana del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, Dua Lipa, Arctic Monkeys and a loooot more

After the festival was over me and Jokki continued down all the way to Corfu, through the Balkan countries by bus, hitchhiking, ferry and a cab across an alternative border controll (etc etc).

And then a plane home to Stockholm from Corfu.


Capital of Croatia

A few stops where planned, a few where random. Guess which ones where the best?

Zagreb seemed like a rather ugly city at first sight. Except for an amazing risotto at the main square, we were not that impressed.

Later at night though, our Couchsurfing host took us on a tour through these World War tunnels to the upper part of the city and gave us a comletely different picture of Zagreb. Super cozy, nice views and a cool atmosphere. 

This pic is from our quick tour to Split. We just stayed for a smoothie and headed south to a little coastal village called Marusici (which we completely fell in love with).



Marusici became part of our route completely out of luck. 

Ben, a former U.S military pilot during the Bosnian war, fell in love with the region and once the war was over, he decided to leave Texas and create a new life by the Adriatic sea. 

Ben is also on Couchsurfing and was one of the people who responded to my public trip, and offered to host us. 

Ben and his financé Steffi are two of the nicest people I´ve ever met. So warm, welcoming and made everyone at the place feel like at home. We had only planned to stay one night, but it quickly turned into two. And if we would have had more time.. we´d definitely stay for longer.

Have you heard about flourescent plankton?! 

I´ve heard about it in the Maldives, which was on my bucket list to swim with. I had NO IDEA they existed in Marusici. Ben told us about it, and that the night needs to be dark (no moon) and the water still in order to see them best.

Guess what conditions it was that same night?

I didn´t dare to believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. We went down to the beach and swom out... and it is one of the most amazing sights/feelings ever. It felt like we were swimming with stars. I can´t explain it any other way.

The Cetina River Canyon

Close to Omis, Croatia

We were set on doing zip lining, but one person at Hostel Dalmatia told us about Canyoning, and how it was the coolest thing she ever done. 

We were very easily convinced, and changed our plans accordingly. THANK YOU KIM FOR RECOMMENDING THIS!


Will never forget this amazing feeling of being in the canyon, swimming, hiking, body rafting, rappelling, jumping from 12 meters etc. Amazing is a frequent appearing word in this trip description. 

13 degrees water, but it wasn´t that bad with a wetsuit on. Beautiful surroundings. Absolutely sureal to conquer the canyon with only your body (and life vest,helmet etc.. but still). 



Mostar completely blew our minds!! We arrived at the bus station and there was holes in the buildings from the war and just overall kind of ugly.


But we looked at each other and agreed that we just loved it. There was something special in the air. People were so nice and there was an overall feeling of comfort. And wow, then we got to the old city where we stayed.

And yeah, then our airbnb host drove us to this waterfall that was also pretty amazing. There were no buses or taxis on the way to Dubrovnik (where we were going after) but we managed to get a ride with 3 super nice German girls.

This is in the south of Albania. One of the places we had seen on instagram before and based our trip on haha. It was actually just as cool as in pictures - the blue eye. But honestly, the surroundings were even more beautiful.

Before Montenegro a couple of Israelian guys wrote to us on Couchsurfing. They were on a similar route as us and had rented this place in Budva and had space for two more. So we went there and stayed for free. And got three new Israelian friends! Such nice people. (this picture is from the place we stayed at).

Our airbnb host made us THE best breakfast ever. Everything was from his garden or not more than a mile away.

Mostar, Bosnia.

Dubrovnik was actually the only place that we didnt love. Of course it is a beautiful place, but the beauty didn´t really shine through with all the tourists in the way.

And wow, Albania! This water was almost like the Bahamas. There´s not even any filter on this pic.

Me and Jokki saw this "ship" in Corfu. A few months later Bella Thunell saw it when she was in Spain, and Maria Törnqvist saw it in St Maarten. What are the odds of that?! There´s only one in the world, according to Google

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