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I dreamed about playing soccer in the United States ever since I saw "Bend it like Beckham" the first time. It was probably back in -02 or -03.  

My dream came true on August 4th, 2012. 

I will never forget that day. After a long trip from Stockholm, via Berlin, I took my first steps out into the Florida humidity. The sun wasn´t even out, but the thick air cuddled up around me in a, literally, very warm welcome. There was an instant feeling of home. True love at first sweat.

The five years after that first day went by so crazily fast, and were so outerworldly amazing that there is no way I can explain. 

If you know you know. And if you know you are such a lucky person.

If you don´t know, please chase it. Go after what you dream about. I wish everyone got to experience that feeling some day in their

lives - to live their own dream life. To wake up in the morning and be all bubbly and excited and purely happy because there is nowhere else

in the world you would rather be.

 And nothing else than what

you are doing right now, that you would want to do, in this very moment.

Go get it, whatever it is

Linnéa Lindmark

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