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About Me

Linnéa Lindmark from Leksand.

Grew up in ​Sweden and Germany,

followed by Florida and Barcelona.


FIFA Licensed Football Agent

and founder of Five 9 Sports.


You know 9 to


"9 to 5"?

 The typical job where you basically just show up to get paid?

 Where you live for the weekend and can´t wait for vacation?

Five 9 is the opposite. 

Five 9 is doing what you love, fulltime.

Mixing business & personal, and business & pleasure. Because 

Lova Linnea pic dif.jpg

         why not?

Why would business not be fun and personal when it´s like 90 percent of our lives?

So that´s what I´m doing:

Working with football and my favorite players, traveling for workation, and blurring the lines of what I do for fun and for a living.

if not:

check out some of my favorite places,

Or read about my favorite people:


inspo stories of how to get in to Yale,

becoming a professional football player,

start your business,

or work as a scientist at the best

If you are here for the agency,

click on the logo to get to the company website:


research company in the world.

for example! A lot of cool people here:

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